Website Catalog Management

Website Catalog Management

If you’re selling online, your website has a product catalog. I’m gonna highlight a few cool features unique to each platform.

WooCommerce catalog itself is standard, the category menu setup uses the familiar WordPress drag & drop menu management which is the most flexible in the field.

BigCommerce categories automatically appear in your menu unless disabled. One major perk is the automatic redirect generator so that you never have broken links when rearranging your categories.

Shopify’s got a real nifty feature for categories (which they call collections). While most platforms assign products to a static category, Shopify offers “Automated Collections” where you can create rules to control which products go into any given collection by price, title, tags or weight.

Magento 2
Magento doesn’t bring any extra category features over other platforms but they’re the only one to allow for completely isolated catalog sets in one backend, however that’s for multi-store which is deserves an entire post on its own – I’ll leave that for a different time.

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